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How to Care for Virgin Hair

How do I care for my virgin extensions?

Purchasing virgin hair can be quite expensive, and it is solely the customer’s responsibility to protect their investment. Once the hair is purchased, we are no longer responsible for the conditon of the hair after it has been installed. Please see our Return Policy.

The thing to remember is that caring for virgin hair is quite similar to caring for your natural hair. Your new virgin tresses will require a lot of attention to ensure its longevity. Though not to be alarmed, once you set your routine and remain diligent with it, caring for your extensions will be little hassle at all.


Please ensure that you keep your virgin hair shampooed and conditioned with a lightweight haircare system. When shamppoing or co-washing the hair, you must stroke the hair downward to ensure you do not tangle the exensions. Our professionals recommend doing this once a week to keep your hair soft and smooth.

Moisture is vital to the health of your extensions. Your hair will be subject to tangling, shedding, and excessive dryness without it. Keep in mind that moisture is water. Water is a simple aide, and it's easily at your disposal. Use plenty of it, and you'll see the difference it'll make. Co-washing or shampooing your hair will be the remedy for most of your hair care problems (if any).

Quick tip: When you're between stylings, use a spray bottle filled with water, and mist your hair daily. Detangle starting from the ends, working your way up to the weft. When the hair is in its natural state, it will need more use of water than when it is styled (curled, flexi-rodded, straightened, etc...)! Lastly, comb your hair free of any tangles or snags before ever adding any water or products to it.


With the tremendous amounts of water you'll be using, you'll need to seal in that moisture. Though water is ideal and needed for the hair, it can be very drying. Please note that most virgin hair textures are considered coarse and come with a very low to medium luster. That means the hair appears dry when you purchase it. It's the natural nature of the hair.

For example, just like our skin, it's important to lotion (oil) the body after bathing. Our hair is no different. If you experience dryness, add a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Olive to the extensions. Lightly apply this. You don't want to weigh the hair down. You just want to increase the luster and add sheen.

Drying and Styling Tips

After you've added mositure and a lightweight oile to seal in the moisure, allow your virgin mane to air dry. As like your natural hair, excessive heat can be damaging, so use a heat protection spray when styling with heating tools or blow dryer. Also incorporate heatless curling methods to protect your investment. One great way to do so is by sleeping in flexi rods at night. They are less strenuous and simple to use.

Shedding and Tangling

It's no secret that all hair sheds. Our natural hair sheds. It's inevitable, but our extensions have minimal shedding. To decrease shedding, be sure to seal your wefts. When combing your Chél Studio virgin hair, use a wide tooth comb and lightly rake the hair starting from the ends working your way up to the weft to keep detangled and reduce shedding.

If you experience excessive shedding, examaine the fallen strands. If the strands are short and do not measure to the length of your extensions (for example, if you purchase a 16 inch, the fallen strand should be about 16 inches and not much shorter) then you are experiencing breakage. Breakage is caused by inappropriate combing and/or lack of moisture and oil.

Keep in mind, your extensions are fragile. They need to be handled with care. A poor haircare regimen is not to be confused with poor quality! Over time, you'll become more experienced about maintaining your extensions. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to Contact Us if you require further information or just have questions. We'd love to hear from you!

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