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What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically altered: dyed, bleached, permed, or relaxed. Chél Studio Virgin Hair Company only provides 100% virgin hair in its natural state with unidirectional cuticles on a machined weft.

How much hair will I need?

Ultimately, the choice is yours! Desired thickness varies from client to client. Not to mention, different hair styling techniques require specific amounts of weaving hair. Our general recommendations are as follows:

14” to 20” about 2 bundles are recommended

20” to 24” about 3 bundles are recommended

24” to 30” about 4 bundles are recommended

Can I color my virgin tresses?

Of course! Our virgin extensions are versatile and you can manipulate them to your liking. To ensure the safety and longevity of your extensions, only get your virgin hair colored by a licensed professional.

Please note that Chél Studio cannot guarantee the life of any hair that has been chemically altered (colored, bleached, permed, relaxed, etc…). Chemically treated or altered hair is no longer virgin hair by definition.

How long will my Chél Studio virgin hair last?

With the proper maintenance, our virgin mane will last up to a year or longer and will look stunning wear after wear. You should have an effortless experience once you establish a healthy haircare regiment for your extensions.

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